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Scholars Week Annual Speech Contest

Contest Results

2024 Speech Contest

1st Place – Hannah Osborne Persuasive Speech – Permanent Daylight Savings Time

2nd Place – Lane Stanley

3rd Place – Phoebe Kell

4th Place – Ava Skinner

Viewer’s Choice – Lane Stanley Persuasive Speech – Standardized Testing

2023 Speech Contest

1st Place – William Derickson Persuasive Speech – Music Streaming and the Music Industry

2nd Place – Aastha Oza

3rd Place – Olivia Westfall

4th Place – Ashlee Jarrett

2022 Speech Contest

1st Place – Michael Hill Persuasive Speech – Probation and Parole

2nd Place – Kaelyn Hardin

3rd Place – Rachel McHenry

4th Place – Owen Tadych

5th Place – Meredith Baker

Viewer’s Choice – Meredith Baker Persuasive Speech – Why Video Games Are Good For You

2021 Speech Contest

1st Place – Jacob Dilts Persuasive Speech – Why We Should Use Social Media Less

2nd Place – Guadaloupe George

3rd Place – Luke Elrod

4th Place – Odette Rosales

5th Place – Amir Alam

Viewer’s Choice – Guadaloupe George Persuasive Speech – Blood Donation

2020 Speech Contest

1st Place – Joseph Howard Persuasive Speech: Optimism and Health

2nd Place – Jack Lockett

3rd Place – Pierce Creighton

4th Place – Katherine Corder

5th Place – James McCampbell

2019 Speech Contest

1st Place – Jackson Taylor Persuasive Speech: Forrest Hall

2nd Place – Nicholas Ged

3rd Place – Valerie Pulk

4th Place – Elizabeth Spears

5th Place – Stetson Batts 

2018 Speech Contest

1st Place – Christopher Kelly Persuasive Speech: World Religions

2nd Place – Brianna Miller

3rd Place – Richard Rojas

4th Place – Beatriz Dedicatoria

5th Place – Maiah Case


2017 Speech Contest

1st Place – Daisy Wagner Persuasive Speech: Sexual Assault

2nd Place – Jordan Nickell

3rd Place – Kaitlyn Berry

4th Place – Andrew Demel

5th Place – Kassandra Vogt

2016 Speech Contest

1st Place – Alex Lempin Persuasive Speech: Gender Neutral Victim Rhetoric

2nd Place – Shania DelCampo

3rd Place – Ethan Willis

4th Place – Juliet Lang

5th Place – Macie Meeks

2015 Speech Contest

1st Place – Hailey Lawson Persuasive Speech: Abstinence-Only Sex Education

2nd Place – Abigail Barnes

3rd Place – Pel Doski

4th Place – Abygail Howard

5th Place – Alex Lempin

6th Place – Jason Watkins

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